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Kevin Rabichow Poker Coaching
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Coaching For Profit

Get the support you need from a professional poker coach with advanced experience in mentorship.
Kevin Rabichow Coaching for Profit
  • USA-based online players only

  • 100nl+ on regulated USA sites with HHs (PokerStars, Party Poker)

  • Available to start ASAP for 12 months or longer

  • Full-time volume availability (300k+ hands/year)

  • References required

  • Sorry - no backing deals  

Basic Requirements

Coaching for Profit

If approved, we will send you a contract proposal expected to last one year

All contracts will include a volume-based profit sharing agreement

We provide you with group lessons, 1-1 coaching, and database analysis throughout the deal

How it works

If you want to be considered, please pre-register now! We only have space for a handful of students this year and expect this program to fill quickly. Applications will be sent out shortly, due back on Sept 1st

Apply Now

Thanks for submitting!

Kevin Rabichow- high stake professional poker player and coach. Book a free session

Collaborative work environment with clear and focused direction

Personalized coaching invested in your long-term growth

Mentorship in both a private and group capacity

Work on your theoretical and practical skills simultaneously

Main Benefits

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