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Training Resources

These are some of the products and resources I use personally for poker training and education. I have included a brief description of how I would use them and would be glad to discuss any of these in more detail during a free consultation. I have labelled the products for which I am an affiliate in the interest of full disclosure. 

TheGamePlan-Facebook-Introdusing (1).jpeg

My first ever course with Run It Once, The Game Plan is an interactive course to get you on the best learning path possible. Thorough self-evaluation, guided methods of improvement, and simplified study and game plan templates make up the outline of this course, not to mention the hidden gems for any HUNL player. If you're feeling stuck in your poker journey, this course is the place to start. I recommend going through The Game Plan *before* working with me privately. 


CheckDecide is a unique hand-sharing tool that builds on the classic hand history converter with interactive review features embedded in the replayer. I love the concept of creating drills for students with replays of hands or entire tournaments that I played myself. This link takes you to an MTT Heads Up of mine and you can play along using active mode or simply watch the hands using passive mode. (Affiliate Link)


Elliot's course is comprehensive, personalized, and straight to the point in its approach to confronting the mental aspects of the game. This course is for anyone and everyone who is aiming to play professionally, and I would recommend using it from start to finish at your own pace. This is a course worth revisiting regularly throughout your career. (Affiliate Link)


I fully recommend this massive MTT course created by Patrick "pads1161" Leonard on Run It Once. The approach Patrick uses in this course to study and teach MTTs is, in my opinion, the best of any currently available course. He recorded nearly 100 hours of content including 10 videos with me specifically on heads-up play in MTTs. I'd consider this an essential investment for anyone currently looking towards studying tournament poker seriously. (Affiliate Link)


Running accurate preflop sims requires a lot of experience and an understanding of theoretical bet sizes that many of my students do not have. In the past, I've recommended custom solutions, which can be quite expensive. Preflop Academy is an excellent alternative for MTT players. They have a subscription model which lets you access only the ranges you need to study at a much lower price. Please note that this service should never be used while playing in real-time. (Affiliate Link)


Of course, every professional poker player should be immersing themselves in the same strategy that other professionals are learning. To purchase any of the training material produced by Run It Once, including both courses and monthly subscriptions, you can use this link. (Affiliate Link)

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