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Kevin Rabichow Poker Coaching
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Phil Galfond


Run It Once 

"For years now, I've watched more of Kevin's training videos than anyone else's.  I love the way Kevin is able to clearly explain all of the elements that go into his decision-making process in each and every spot.  Unlike my own, Kevin's process starts with theory, but where some very theoretical players and teachers might say, "this hand is a call" or "I don't think this hand needs to defend" and leave it at that, Kevin very clearly and plainly details the factors that lead him to his best guess at the optimal play - things like the board texture, the composition of his range, or the qualities of his hand that sometimes aren't immediately apparent."

 Ark Onikoul

"Since I started working with Kevin, my technical understanding of the game, my results, and my level of confidence have all increased tremendously. Kevin is both a strong player and a great teacher, which in my experience, is a rare combination. I strongly believe that Kevin cares about his students and is invested in their success.”


Long-Term Student,

High Stakes Cash Professional

"I applied to Kevin's staking and coaching group as I began to take poker seriously, having watched his training videos and being inspired by them. It was the thing I wanted the most at that time of my life. As expected, Kevin’s coaching was a game-changer for my success in the poker world. My game improved at lightning speed thru his coaching sessions.

I can confidently affirm that Kevin is the best teacher in the poker world; explains extremely clearly and patiently all of the concepts necessary to grasp to improve your game and will guarantee your success if applied as he teaches. Kevin has a theory and math based approach to his teaching, but can also go further into some more exploitative adjustments to specific tendencies observed in the player pools.

If you are looking to improve your heads-up no-limit game, I can assure you an awesome return on investment on his coaching services."

Josh Bobrosky

Mid-High Stakes Cash Professional

"After my database review, I saw a few critical spots where I was not playing as close to equilibrium as I thought. It also allowed me to see where my opponents are not playing close to equilibrium. I felt that I had a clear sense of situations and spots where I needed improvement moving forward. I am still improving on those spots, but it seems clear to me that the database review got me closer to playing a strategy that is balanced. For the database review, I got exactly what I was looking for out of it and appreciated the time, energy and effort that you put into it. Overall, I am definitely happy with what I paid for."


Hourly Student,

Online Cash Player

"I found your coaching super helpful, there were both immediate improvements to my game from specific suggestions and then more slowly as i learned to use the solver. I think I went from someone who was probably a breakeven or slightly losing 100 nl player to someone who can beat 200 nl pretty clearly and compete at 500 nl, which is an improvement in play that will probably be lasting."

Uri Peleg

High Stakes Cash Professional, Owner of Guerrilla Poker

"Krab has coached me for several hours about heads up. We started out with a database review - where he showed me several areas in my game in which my frequencies were off - we went over them one by one and I learned a lot that I didn't know before.  I wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach to anyone looking to improve their heads up no limit game."


Hourly Student, Zoom 6-max Professional

“I did two sessions with Kevin Rabichow about a month or two apart, even after my first session with him my game improved massively, after he found leaks and weaknesses in my game. He opened my eyes to aspects of the game that I didn’t even realise, even after playing my last 500k hands at 200z and 500z on Pokerstars. I had my best ever month in my career after our first session EV-wise.


What I found most useful, and one of the best takeaways from our session was the amazingly thorough notes he took with in-depth analysis on what to work on and how, which fundamentally changed the way I study poker. To anyone looking to take their game to the next level and excel, I couldn’t recommend anyone higher than Kevin Rabichow.”

Josh Rothberg

Professional Poker Player

"Seeking to take my heads up and short-handed cash game skills to another level, I sought out the coaching of Kevin Rabichow. We have worked on both 6-max cash and MTTs over the last year in which I've seen great results in both.

Since then, not only has my game sharpened substantially in cash, but I have had my best MTT results in the last year, including my first main event cash for 21k and a 28th place finish in the million-dollar bounty for 53k.

I'd recommend Kevin to anyone for coaching across any format (HU, Cash, MTTs). He is truly one of a kind..”

Tom Braband aka "TitanTom"

Professional Poker Player

"I spent the majority of 2021 getting consistent coaching from Kevin. I knew from his videos that he was a very theory-oriented and calculated player. I was surprised by how much I learned from him about how to incorporate exploitation into my thought process as well. His ability to allow me to comprehend advanced concepts and then implement them into my game in a simplified way was a big key to me having one of the best years of my poker career in 2021. I can't wait to check out his new course and whatever content he produces in the future!”

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