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Kevin cooking in Osaka

​In 2005, I was introduced to online poker, and by 2008 I played full time while completing my degree in economics at the University of Chicago. I left for Toronto in 2011 after Black Friday to pursue poker full time, already holding my own in mid-high stakes heads up no-limit and coaching a handful of private students. In 2014, I joined Run It Once Training as an elite coach to produce instructional content while competing in the toughest high stakes cash games online. To date, I've played over two million hands online, earned $1M+ in cash game profit and cashed for $5M+ in live and online tournaments.
From 2015 to 2017, I coached a small group of heads up cash players starting from $50 and $100 buy-in games to over $500k in collective earnings, some of whom continue to thrive at high stakes online today. My current students range from online 6max professionals, live cash enthusiasts, and dedicated MTT grinders. After hundreds of hours working with students of all skill levels, I've developed the tools to help you address your biggest leaks confidently and efficiently. 

In my free time, I love to cook for family and friends. I post some of my favorite home-cooked meals on Instagram, which you can find linked below. I'm also an avid ultimate frisbee player and coach, a hobby that has proven quite valuable to my growth as a coaching professional. 

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