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Coaching Services

Please note that I have very limited availability for new clients, and will have to decline some consultation requests. The earliest date I can start a new project at this time is October 2024. Thanks for your understanding (last updated May 2024).

Mentorship Program

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3 months of guided improvement

session hour

5 hours

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5 sessions of strategic and performance coaching.


3 months of Mentorship (all the necessary guidance and support).


Theoretical and exploitative game plan development.


Evaluate your game and track progress until completion.


High-level strategy discussion.


Structure and guidance to lead you toward independent success.

Mentorship Program

Ready to get to work?

Start with The Game Plan

What you’ll learn


Thorough Self-Evaluation Methods

Customizing Your Poker Training


Simplifying the Entire Game Tree


Efficient Use of all Essential Software


What you’ll get


Kevin's Own Solver-Backed Ranges

Access to Private Discord Study Group


Simplifying the Entire Game Tree


Practical Heads-Up NL Game Plan

The Game Plan- Kevin Rabichow
The Game Plan Course

Frequently asked questions

  • My availability is limited, especially during the summer, and I am being very selective about taking on new clients. You can always contact me by emailing if there are no timeslots available to request a consultation.

  • This website is currently not taking online payments. I'd greatly appreciate it if you are able to use a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment method to minimize processing fees. The easiest option is a cryptocurrency, which can be sent to the following addresses:


    BTC: bc1qym2nlrz88xhjjes4ygqz6vef56hm45f3h96p8c

    ETH / USDT(erc20): 0xaa91cD0aF26104EB76034F9CBC107AE0DcF9641e


    I can also accept Zelle, EMT, poker site transfers, and other popular P2P options.
    Contact me to discuss using peer-to-peer payment.

  • I am living in Ontario, Canada, and offer availability from late morning until early evening Eastern Daylight Time. The booking calendar should allow you the option to adjust to your local time zone, but if you are unsure, please double-check with me that you have selected the correct time.

  • I have over ten years of no-limit coaching experience and have worked with players at all stakes, live and online. Every poker player, including the very best in the world, has weaknesses in their strategy that are hiding beneath the surface. My strength as a coach is to get to know your game, learn how you think about poker, and identify and improve upon your weaknesses. Book a 30-minute introductory consultation with me at no cost, and we'll discuss exactly how I can help you elevate your game.

  • All of my coachings is done online. Depending on your needs, we can review hand histories, watch videos of the past play, analyze stats, or discuss theory using solvers. If you aren't sure where to start, I highly recommend requesting an introductory consultation with me first.

    You'll receive a personalized Zoom meeting link when you book your first coaching session. Zoom is free for you to download and will allow us to use either voice or video chat, as well as screen share and remote control when necessary. All coaching meetings come with a written summary and/or video recording of our session.

  • This format is best suited for an online player with a large database of hands to analyze and review. Heads up, players can find value with even a 20k hand sample, but for 6max and MTT players, I would recommend 75k+ hands. I will provide you with a report and any custom statistics to help you format your database in advance of our call. I am most familiar with Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager and have some experience with Hand2Note.

Introductory Consultation

Get a FREE introductory consultation (30 minutes) with Kevin, a professional poker coach with advanced experience in mentorship, data analysis, deep stack, and wide ranges and interpreting complex concepts.

Kevin Rabichow- high stake professional poker player and coach. Book Now a Coaching Session
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